The History of Fish Point Lodge

Fish Point Lodge was built near the turn of the century, resting hard against the Saginaw Bay. Originally, it was the property of George Blehm, a commercial fisherman and duck hunting guide and grandfather of the lodge's current owner, Doug Deming (seen throwing decoys above). Back then, it was known as Sportsman's Haven, a favorite spot for local waterfowlers during the fall season where the coffee was always on and the folks were always glad to see you. In the decades since it's construction, little has changed. Today, the lodge remains a safe haven for sportsmen.


A waterfowler would be hard pressed not to appreciate the logistics of Fish Point Lodge. It's an ideal setting on the shores of the "Chesapeake of the Midwest" - Saginaw Bay. To the north and east, lie some of the finest marshes on the Bay, many of which boast ridges capable of providing an anchoring point for a seasonal blind. To the south, rest the waterfowl management area known as Fish Point State Wildlife Area, home to thousands of migrating waterfowl each spring and fall. A duck hunter could ask for little more when November winds come calling.

One of the reasons for the lodge's continued popularity, aside from the hunting to be had, rests with the owners. Hospitality is not just a catchy phrase, it's a way of doing business. Whether it's 18 hours spent readying decoys, taxiing clients and picking birds, or fielding kitchen duties such as filling thermos bottles or fixing a favorite meal, each task is taken on with an eye to detail that brings to mind a work ethic of past years.
Jerry Warrington, Outdoor Writer, 1992.


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